Deadliest Animals of the World

Deadliest Animals Of The World

Categorization of the deadliest animals of the world is based on the harm they can inflict on their victims. There are many animals that can make it to the list. However, only the deadliest have been considered. An animal by definition is broad and covers insects to large mammals. Almost every animal in the planet has its bad side. They pose various degrees of dangers with some being more fatal than others. The basis of the listing is on the number of human casualties the animals can cause in a year.


You may not believe it, but mosquitoes kill millions of people every year. They can spread diseases like malaria, elephantiasis, West Nile virus and yellow fever. They are abundantly found in tropical regions and can survive winter in countries like Canada.


The eastern brown snake common in Australia is the second deadliest animal. Just one bite can deliver enough venom to end lives of 20 people. Many snake species are dangerous. There are more than 450 venomous snake species. Of these 250 species can kill a person. Most snake bites happen in North America, Asia and Africa. Carpet viper is the leading in snake bite deaths in the world. The poison it delivers can keep the blood of the victim from coagulating causing the person to bleed to death.

African lion

The lion has razor sharp claws, teeth and amazing speed. Lions hunt in groups and stalk their prey before they attack while running in bursts for 50 miles/hour. Female lions do most of the hunting as the male is preoccupied protecting his pride. Lions are known to attack people on farms and in safari cars during the tours. Zoo keepers and trainers in circuses too have not been spared.


Saltwater crocodile is the biggest reptile in the planet. Nile crocodile and saltwater crocodile are the deadliest animals in the world. They kill hundreds of people every year. They are mostly found in tropical regions in Africa, Americas, Australia and Asia. They inhabit slow moving rivers and lakes. Their food range from living and dead animals. The ears and eyes locations high up on their heads allow them to hear and see their prey. Crocodiles measure between 5 and 20 feet long. They are fast and their jaws can apply pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch.


This is the largest mammal on land. It’s mostly found in Asia and Africa. The animal is considered friendly. However, it is also known to exhibit unpredictable behaviors as it can attack without warning. There are many reports of captive elephants after many years in the care of their keepers, suddenly attacking them. The legs, trunk and weight of an elephant can literally crush anything. A moment of anger in this instance can be very lethal. In parts of Asia and Africa, wild elephants are known to enter villages and causing unimaginable damage including crushing people to death. It is estimated that about 500 people lose their lives every year from elephant attacks.

Cape buffalo

It is found in Africa and sometimes referred to as Black Death, because of the danger it poses. The animal is very unpredictable and extremely aggressive. It weighs 900-1800 pounds. With exception of lone bulls, cape buffaloes are very gregarious. Herds of Cape buffalo defend one another from crocodiles, lions and hunters by ramming their predators with their sharp horns. Cape buffalo kill at least 200 people every year.

Grizzly bear

The bear weighs between 400 and 800 pounds. The male grizzly bear is twice heavier than the female. When standing on hind legs its height can reach 8 ft tall. However, despite the huge size its speed is 35 miles/ hour. Attacks from grizzly bears are to protect their cubs. Ill or hungry bears too can attack people.

White shark

On average it is 15-ft long and has rows of about 300 sharp serrated teeth in its powerful 4-ft wide jaws. It is comfortably atop the food chain. Its food range from various species of animals and it is very picky. However, humans are not among the favorites of its food. This is because humans are bonier, leaner hence they prefer fattier sea lions and seals. Sharks explore objects using their mouths and first test bite, to find out what it is. Attacks on human are mostly as a result of these bites. After first bite on humans they usually retreat. However, the first bite can be fatal and end ones life. There are over 100 shark attacks every year. A third to half of these attacks is by the great white sharks of which most are not fatal.

Indo-pacific Box jellyfish

It is also known as Australian box jellyfish. It is the most poisonous marine animal in the planet. The sting can kill. It is mostly found throughout tropical indo-pacific and in northern oceans of Australia. The animal has around 60 tentacles with each growing up to 15 feet long. These tentacles are covered in cnidocysts each equipped with a load of toxin and tiny needle. It is this that when used together can kill 50 people. Encounter with a jellyfish can be survived although the pain will be very excruciating. The toxin can paralyze, stop one’s heart and cause them to drown. About 100 people die every year from jellyfish deaths though it is not publicized for fear of affecting tourism.


They are largely found in Africa and have caused more human casualties in the world than any large animal. Female and male hippos attack for various reasons. For instance, the male hippo can attack to defend their territory which can run from a river bank or the lake. On the other hand, the female attacks to defend her young siblings. Hippos can weigh 8000 pounds with average weight being 3500 pounds. They can run 20miles/hour and their mouth can open 4 ft high.

There is growing interest in knowing the deadliest animals in the world. The information is a good base for further research on other areas. This knowledge also provides a framework for understanding the kind of animals that surround us.

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Deadliest Animals Of The World

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